Size  Guide


There are several ways to find the right size for your ring.

  • Take a ring that fits your finger of choice and measure the inner diameter. Look at the chart below in which size your measurement converts.
  • Use a thread, a paper strip or a tape measure and find out the circumference of your finger of choice in mm. This measurement corresponds to the size of the ring. So 53mm in circumference is ring size 53 and so on.
  • Go to your nearest jeweler or goldsmith and ask them nicely if they could measure your ring size.

Measure your finger at the end of the day and keep in mind not to measure your finger when it is very hot or cold. Remember that the two hands can differ in size. So make sure to measure the finger you want to put the ring on and also make sure that the chosen size leaves enough space to pass gently along the entire length of the finger.

If you laid your eyes on a wide and heavy ring it is most times better to order it one size larger than usual.

Ringsize       Diameter in mm

EU 48                     15,3 ø

EU 49                     15,6 ø

EU 50                     15,9 ø

EU 51                      16,2 ø

EU 52                     16,5 ø

EU 53                     16,8 ø

EU 54                     17,2 ø

EU 55                     17,5 ø

EU 56                     17,8 ø

EU 57                     18,1 ø

EU 58                    18,4 ø

EU 59                    18,8 ø

EU 60                    19,1 ø