/ ʃoz / (plural)

things, affairs

French from Latin causa: cause / reason

things : One‘s clothes, furniture, luggage or possessions collectively

The Name

Plural of thing:
1. That which is considered to exist as a seperate entitiy, object, quality or concept
2. A word, symbol, sign or other referent that can be used to refer to any entity
3. an individual object or distinct entity
4. clothes, possesions or equipement
5. that wich matters, the crux

Pieces of jewelry are things. Objects, stuff.
But they are things with meaning. They’re personal, they’re emotional, they’re precious and they are referents, signs, symbols. They represent moments, pieces of thoughts and ideas. They contain hours of work, decisions, mood, traces of materials and tools to shape and craft it.

The Jewelry

Choses Jewelry is made by hand in Berlin using both modern and ancient techniques and a limited usage of machines.

Every piece of jewelry is one of a kind due to one of the oldest casting methods on earth – sandcasting. The melted metal is poured into a form made of a special sand and thereby gets a characteristic surface, that forms an individual pattern after hand polishing. The form in the sand gets destroyed during the process and needs to be rebuilt for the next cast.

It‘s a process that can‘t be controlled to the last detail. At some point the technique takes over and decides things for you – making every piece of jewelry slightly different, one of a kind, unique.

The Ethics

Choses Jewelry is made of recycled silver and gold, sourced from refineries in Germany, that have been certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.
Process, sources and materials are constantly improved to ensure a sustainable and high-quality product that doesn’t harm the environment or the people in it.

The Maker

Katharina Geiger studied jewelry and object design in the South of Germany. During this time she developed her strong inclination for ancient techniques and lengthy processes with meditational character. Her pieces develop either out of the process and wouldn’t be possible without the specific manufacturing technologies used and/or out of a superordinate conecpt that defines a certain possibility space for her creations. Always oscillating between the mind, the unconscious and her gut feeling. Influenced by her love for art, language and old movies, the absurd, the uncommon and the beauty of our cosmos, Choses jewelry is moving between ancient and modern, minimal and detailed, emotionality and rationality.

By making every piece herself she is able to stay open to the unplanned and the beautiful “mistakes” that makes her jewelry so special.

Photography by Christina Hasenauer