Choses jewelry is made with care and can accompany you through life for a long time if taken good care of. But even precious metals aren’t safe from the process of „aging“. A process that can make your pieces even more beautiful and special.

Nonetheless if you want your jewelry to keep its shine especially silver and polished surfaces need some attention from time to time.

Here are some precious tips:

  • Store your jewelry (especially if it’s made out of silver) in a dry place, never in your bathroom. It will tarnish way quicker there.
  • Remove it from your body when you use abrasive products, chemicals, oils, handcream, perfume, soap, hair products and the like.
  • Take it off when you shower, take a bath or a dip in the pool.
  • Don’t pull at chains, they can break under tension and try to avoid forceful contact with hard surfaces, this could lead to scratches or dents.
  • Clean your jewelry regularly. You can use warm water, soap and a soft cloth, a special jewelry cloth or bath or simply a soft toothbrush and some toothpaste without abrasive particles.

And if something should happen to your jewelry just take it to your local goldsmith for repairs! Most shops even offer a polishing service.